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If both parents die and you have not correctly set out what should happen to your children then they may be taken into Government care until suitable guardians can be appointed.

Why a Will is Essential

A Will makes it much easier for your family to settle and access your estate. Without a Will the process will be much more time consuming and stressful, often taking years. If you die without a Will then your assets will be shared out in a standard way as prescribed by law and not necessarily inline with what you had intended.

Writing a Will, which should include specific instructions about the ongoing guardianship of your children, is especially important. If you have minors or other family members who depend on you financially it is important that you leave them well catered for. Additionally if you want to leave certain assets to people outside of your immediate family then it needs to be stated in advance.

All of our Wills take these simple matters into consideration. By having a professionally drafted Will you can ensure that your family and loved ones do not need to worry and that your estate is distributed efficiently and inline with your wishes.

What is a Living Will

Also known as a Lasting Power of Attorney, a Living Will allows you to predetermine ‘end of life’ decisions about care and medical treatment. This comes into effect if you are unable to make decisions for yourself and remains in effect until you die.


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